jueves, 11 de noviembre de 2010


Top 25 Coolest BBQ Grills

Muscle Car GrillDavid Klose’s Baby Carriage BBQ Pit The Bar-B-Q Shack Chevy V8 Grill Classic Holden Monaro GTS Grill The King of Barbecues Grill The Supreme - Diamond Plated BBQ Grill Dragon BBQ Grill Motor Head Grill Handgun BBQ Grill HEMI-Powered BBQ Grill Vintage Jaguar Austin-Healey BBQ Grill Monster Pitt RUB Restaurant’s Mobile Barbecue Pit Traeger’s Novelty BBQ Grills
Redneck Pool Heater Santa Maria Superior Welding’s BBQ Swing-A-Way Grill Talos Outdoor Cooking Suite Gator Pit’s Texas Legend Texas Six Shooter BBQ Grill Locomotive BBQ Grill BBQ Under The Hood USB Grill Texas Lil’s World’s Largest Transportable Smoker
Check out some of the most original BBQ grills and smokers on the planet! Especially David Klose's 25,000 lbs. 18 wheeler BBQ smoker! These guys have got BBQ down to a science!

Celebrity Mugshots

These are Celebrity mugshots,and they ain't pretty.As you can see professional Make-up and lighting,makes a world of difference.

Crazy Cars and Dumb Drivers

A humorous list of crazy wheels created by dumb drivers.


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