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Cave Castle In Slovenia

Amazingly build into a cave, Predjama castle is one of the most visited castles in europe. Predjama castle and it's caves are situated about 12 km from Postojna, world famous for its extensive karst cave.
Castle was built-up into the ovehanging rock and vista to that combination of a nature and man work is really great. Walk throug the castle halls is an unique event. Very realistic man size dummies are presenting ancient life of the castle. There is also a museum collection and ancient armoury.
The cave behind the castle is called Erazmova Jama, after a knight living in the castle, and has 4 levels. The deepest level is water filled, the river flowing through is called Lovka. The castle is built into the huge entrance of the middle level.
An exit from the top level to the plateau was used as secret entrance in the middle ages, today it is filled with rocks. The story goes, that the castle was besieged, but the people in the castle had the secret entrance, and so they had enough to eat. They loughed on the besieger and threw down fresh fruit, to discourage them.

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